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RE: OpenSSH server installation error on Windows Vista Business/Ultimate

Paul August wrote:

> Thank you David for your response. 

You're welcome.  :-)

> I followed your steps to enable the administrator account via MMC
> console window, Then I start cygwin bash shell either as an
> administrator or after I logon the administrator account. When I run
> ssh-host-config -y again, I got the same error message. It seems
> that enabling real administrator account does not help with this
> problem. Any more clues?

I infer from your post that you installed Cygwin using an account other
than Administrator.  I wouldn't trust it.

I suggest:

1.  Log on as Administrator.

2.  Move your existing Cygwin directory aside.

3.  Create the directories C:\cygwin and C:\cygwin\setup.

4.  Download Cygwin Setup to C:\cygwin\setup\setup.exe.

5.  Create a shortcut to Cygwin Setup on the Desktop.

6.  Run Cygwin Setup via the shortcut.  Choose Unix line endings.
Accept the default package selections (e.g. base) and also get the
source for each.   (There may be a few packages where source is not
available/ applicable?)  (Having the source code provides you with all
the rights and responsibilities of the GPL.)  Download and install.
Have Cygwin Setup create Start menu and Desktop icons.

7.  Change the properties on the Cygwin Bash Shell Desktop shortcut --
select Options -> Quick edit (so you can copy to/ paste from the Windows
clipboard) and set Layout -> Screen buffer size -> Height to 9999.  Move
the shortcut to a shared location so you can use it from all accounts.

8.  Run Cygwin Bash Shell via the shortcut.  Exit.  This step might be
unnecessary, but it's a habit for me.

9.  Run Cygwin Setup again, select OpenSSH (and dependencies and
sources), and download and install.

10. Run Cygwin Bash Shell again and work on OpenSSH.  Copy your console
session and paste it into a reply to this message if you're still stuck.

Once you have a set of Cygwin packages you're happy with, make an
archival copy of your C:\cygwin\setup directory.  This will provide you
with the ability to install/ reinstall the exact same software on that
and other machines.



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