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Re: dll links or pkgconfig/libtool information is wrong

jean-luc malet wrote:
> hi!
> I'm creating a dll using gcc and cygwin
> this dll use 2 others dll : -lglut -lGL
> $pkg-config.exe --libs gl
> -lGL
> but /bin/ contain cygGL-1.dll
> when static linking with -lGL this works fine because libGL.a exist
> when creating the dll -lGL don't work at all, I have to specify -lGL-1
> doing
> /bin/$ ln -s cygGL-1.dll cygGL.dll
> solve the issue
> I have similar issue with some libtool based library

  Normally for every /bin/cygDLLNAME-VERSION.dll, there should be a
/usr/lib/libDLLNAME.dll.a that contains import stubs, allowing you to link
against whatever DLL is current without needing to specify the version number
as you have done.  Generally these import libraries live in the corresponding
-devel package for whichever package you got the DLL from, and GL is no
exception; using the package search page

to search for "libGL.dll.a" suggests that you need to install the
"libGL-devel" package, to go alongside your already-installed "libGL1" package
where the DLL came from.


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