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dll links or pkgconfig/libtool information is wrong

I'm creating a dll using gcc and cygwin
this dll use 2 others dll : -lglut -lGL
$pkg-config.exe --libs gl
but /bin/ contain cygGL-1.dll
when static linking with -lGL this works fine because libGL.a exist
when creating the dll -lGL don't work at all, I have to specify -lGL-1
/bin/$ ln -s cygGL-1.dll cygGL.dll
solve the issue
I have similar issue with some libtool based library

1) on unix system there are usually a set of links -> -> ->, which seems to no exist
under cygwin, is it normal or wanted feature?
2) if this is normal then pkg-config and libtool shall be fixed to
report the right library name

thanks and regards

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