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Re: emacs -nw keypad

On 5/25/2009 6:13 PM, Jon TURNEY wrote:
I would have said that this could be same problem as in [1], an X server bug, but then I would expect the problem to be seen both in "emacs -nw in an xterm under X" and "emaacs under X"...

I'm not yet convinced that there's a bug. The tpu-*.el files use the emacs variable 'window-system' to decide whether X windows is running. If I start emacs under X, that variable has the value x. If I run emacs -nw in an xterm, the variable has the value nil. If I run emacs under rxvt (without specifying -nw), I get the message

Display :0 unavailable, simulating -nw

and again window-system has the value nil. This strikes me as the correct behavior, consistent with the documentation of '-nw'.

I guess what's puzzling is why Tim doesn't have a problem with earlier versions of emacs. Has something changed in how emacs interprets -nw? Or has tpu-edt changed? Maybe Eli can clarify this.


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