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Re: emacs -nw keypad

On 5/25/2009 2:23 PM, Tim Adye wrote:
I have however found one problem with this experimental release 23.0.92-2:
when I run it in no-window mode (emacs -nw) in an xterm (or rxvt), the
keypad keys do not seem to be defined or mapped to emacs functions. I use
tpu-edt mode, which relies on those keys. It worked fine in emacs 21.2.1 (I
just tested on another system) and 23.0.92-2 works fine in window mode
(without -nw).

I just had another thought. I wonder if it's tpu-edt that's changed. If you look at the current tpu-edt.el (in /usr/share/emacs/23.0.92/lisp/emulation), it says:

;; TPU-edt works with X-windows.  This is accomplished through a TPU-edt
;; X key map.

But, according to 'man emacs', the purpose of the -nw switch is to "Tell Emacs not to use its special interface to X." So maybe you're trying to do two contradictory things, and maybe it was different with older versions of tpu-edt. I'm just speculating.

Out of curiosity, is there some reason why you need to use the -nw switch when you run emacs?


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