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Re: Rsync question on version 3.0.4

Jan Alphenaar wrote:
> When I copy over a directory from my server to my local pc with rsync, it is
> not possible to open the local directory

Do you mean the origin has 644 files and the destination has 000 file

Also as you're not using -p the destination file permission are not
copied from the origin ones:

  When this option is off, permissions are set as follows:

  o  Existing files (including updated files) retain their existing
     permissions, though the ââexecutability option might change just
     the execute permission for the file.

  o  New files get their ânormalâ permission bits set to the source
     fileâs permissions masked with the receiving directoryâs default
     permissions (either the receiving processâs umask, or the
     permissions specified via the destination directoryâs default ACL),
     and their special permission bits disabled except in the case where
     a new directory inherits a setgid bit from its parent directory.

Lapo Luchini -

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