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RE: .#* lock files under X, for files I edit???

Ken Brown wrote on Thursday, May 21, 2009 1:02 PM:

> On 5/21/2009 1:04 PM, Marc Girod wrote:
>> Ken Brown-6 wrote:
>>> They should disappear each
>>> time you save the file you're editing.
>> Well, they don't.
>> The content was slightly blurred, because of my using html format
>> and forgetting to escape <> characters. As well as a couple of tags.
> I'm puzzled as I look at your first post again, because emacs file
> are symbolic links.  Your post shows that the files are ordinary files
> containing the string '<symlink>'.  This suggests that you're working
> an environment that doesn't recognize cygwin symlinks.  Could that
> somehow explain why they aren't being deleted when you save the file?

It's likely that those files *ARE* symlinks; under Cygwin 1.7, symlinks
are implemented as normal files (rather than Windows shortcuts) with a
particular magic number. I'm not sure what Marc was doing with his
original 'cat .# ... | tr' command, but I'm guessing it is removing the
magic number so 'od -c' will print out the contents.

> According to the emacs documentation:
>>    When you make the first modification in an Emacs buffer that is
>> visiting a file, Emacs records that the file is "locked" by you.  (It
>> does this by creating a specially-named symbolic link in the same
>> directory.)  Emacs removes the lock when you save the changes.
> Here's an example of an emacs file lock on my system, while I'm
> 'diary':
> lrwxrwxrwx  1 kbrown       None      18 May 21 13:15 .#diary ->
> kbrown@markov.5828
> 5828 is the PID of my emacs process.  As soon as I save the file, the
> symbolic link disappears.
> Ken

Bryan Thrall
FlightSafety International

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