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RE: file execute access with noacl mount with Cygwin-1.7.0 20090518 snapshot

> Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 11:17:41 -0400
> From: lh
> Subject: Re: file execute access with noacl mount with Cygwin-1.7.0 20090518 snapshot
> Karl M wrote:
>> Attatched is a cygcheck and my fstab.
>> I prefer using windows permissions on my windows (outside of Cygwin) files. I
>> only have this set on my cygdrive mount.
>> Yes, if I do ls -al of the file.exe in /home/me after I copied it there, I have
>> permissions of rwx------ as expected. If I copy the file to /c/Users/me/Desktop,
>> I don't have execute permission without adding exec to my cygdrive mount in fstab,
>> as I have in my current fstab.
> So it sounds like some of the games that MS is playing with the Windows
> home directory also affects permission settings when the POSIX permissions
> are off (or maybe it affects it either way). I recall Corinna mentioning
> some time ago that the automatic "sharing" of files that's turned on in
> the user's home directory can really slow things down. She may have
> mentioned other side-effects I don't recall. The fact that things look
> different outside of '/c/Users/me' than inside makes me suspect other
> "funny business". Currently, the recommendation is to _not_ use the
> Windows home directory as the Cygwin home to avoid these issues. It
> seems you are already doing this but obviously things in the Windows
> home directory will still suffer from some troubles here.
It is not unique to /c/Users/me without exec in my fstab entry, if I type
ls -al /c/Cygwin/bin
the exe files are all listed with rw------- instead of rwx------ as I would expect
from the documentation.
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