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RE: Can I speed up running "configure" script?

Ravenik wrote:
> I type "./configure" in xterm to configure package. The script runs
> very slowly - above 40 minutes. I suppose it should run faster on the 
> E8400 2x3GHz CPU. Can I speed up / boost this ? Windows Task Manager 
> shows "idle" process takes ~70%. Sorry if the question is stupid, I 
> am beginner at cygwin.
> Host is Vista Home Premium 32, and cygwin is 1.5.25-15.

Usually, when something takes this long, is not using 100% CPU, but is
nevertheless progressing, it's because of network timeouts.

Is it possible that you have a reference to a non-existent network 
share in your PATH?

If not, you could try identifying where configure is spending its time 
by adding "set -x" near the top of the script (without the quotes, and 
after the line starting "#!".)  That will slow things down even more, 
but as the output scrolls by, you might spot it taking longer than 
you'd expect somewhere.

If you don't get anywhere, please follow the instructions here:
> Problem reports:
particularly the bit about *attaching* the output from "cygcheck -svr"

You might also check whether you're suffering from BLODA.  See


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