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RE: dialog ?

Phil Betts wrote on Wednesday, May 20, 2009 6:08 AM:
> Markus Wenke wrote:
>> In early versions of cygwin, I've used "dialog" for some scripts.
>> Now I want to start the script and "dialog" is not installed on the
>>  current cygwin version. I tried to install it with Cygwin-setup,
>> but I can't find a packet named "dialog". Which packet do I have to
>> install for dialog? 
> For this sort of question, you can either use the package search at
> or simply use cygcheck: 
> $ cygcheck -p dialog.exe
> Found 2 matches for dialog.exe.
> tetex-bin/tetex-bin-2.0.2-15    The TeX text formatting system
> (binaries).
> tetex-bin/tetex-bin-3.0.0-3     The TeX text formatting system
> (binaries).
> In this case however, tetex-bin does not contain dialog.exe but
> tcdialog.exe.  That file does seem to be dialog.exe by a different
> name though, so you might want to add "alias dialog=tcdialog" to
> ~/.bashrc   
> This might be a packaging bug: typing "man tcdialog" brings up the
> dialog(1) man page, which suggests that something is not quite right.

Cygwin Ports has dialog 1.1.20080316

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