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RE: mark-active (was: [1.7] Updated: {emacs,emacs-X11,emacs-el}-23.0.92-1)

Marc Girod wrote:
> Two more changes I noticed with 23.0.92 (with respect to 21.2):
> 1. mark-active stays t after use (e.g. in the *shell* buffer),
> with the result that the visual effect to mark the region gets
> sticky.

I can't help you here.  I've not tried cygwin's 23.0.92 yet, but I
can't say I've noticed this on Linux, although because I don't have
transient-mark-mode turned on, I wouldn't really expect to.

> 2. in a file buffer, doing C-x C-f (find-file) and RET will not read
> the file again, but instead invoke dired.

'Twas ever thus.  I think you're confusing C-x C-f with C-x C-v
(find-alternate-file).  The former has always* defaulted to the
current directory.  The latter has always defaulted to the current

[TIP: if you haven't already, try ido-mode.  It redefines all buffer
and file selection functions, and although it takes a little while to
learn to get the most out of it, IMHO you'll quickly wonder how you
managed without it.]

[*] within my admittedly patchy memory.  I *have* verified that 21.2.1
    (the earliest version I have at hand) worked this way, on both
    cygwin and Linux.


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