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Re: Mounting EXT2FS as Windows filesystem

On 2009-5-18 20:24, Kelly Jones wrote:
I just did:

dd if=/dev/zero of=test.fs bs=10000 count=10000
/usr/sbin/mke2fs.exe test.fs

to create an EXT2FS.

Question: how do I mount this so that Windows sees it as a regular

My goal is to create something that's both a single file and also a
filesystem. Reason: Mozy backup encrypts files but not filenames. If I
have a single file that's also a filesystem, I can just back that up
and filename encryption is automatic.

I tried doing this w/ ZIP files. Windows Explorer recongizes these as
"folders", but many Windows apps don't.

I've been using TrueCrypt volumes for years, it has win32 and linux versions (maybe Mac and more?), the volume image is portable, though encryption isn't my purpose, but it's a valuable add. However you can't disable encryption.

And, there is ext2fs IFS driver, see

Both TrueCrypt and Ext2fs IFS driver don't support mountpoint directly.


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