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Re: [1.5] Problem with OpenSSH on Windows Home Server (Win2003)

Patrick Aikens wrote:
> I've installed cygwin 1.5 on my WHS box as Administrator.  I've opened a
> cygwin terminal and executed the mkpasswd -l > /etc/passwd and mkgroup
> -l > /etc/group commands, executed ssh-host-setup and used privilege
> separation, and everything seems to have executed OK.  I can ssh to that
> machine as Administrator just fine using password auth.  However, I
> can't ssh in as any other user on that machine using password
> authentication - I get told that the password is incorrect, which I know
> it isn't.  I can use key-based auth to login as any user, so I do have a
> workaround, but I'm curious as to why no user but Administrator can use
> password auth to log in?  I've logged in via remote desktop as the user
> I wish to SSH as and ran ssh-user-config as that user (that's how I got
> the key-based login working).  I haven't done that as Administrator,
> though, and it still lets me log in just fine there.
> Sorry if this is a bit rambling, but I've been working on this problem
> for a while and it's getting late where I am... cygcheck.out is attached.

So, is this expected behavior then?  Is it only possible to log in as
the user that installed the server using password authentication?

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