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RE: git checkout problem

> I've been using git for a few weeks now and recently ran into a
> that I just can't workaround.  I tried updating to the cygwin 1.7
> release hoping that this would fix the issue but it didn't.  I found
> that a checkout of a branch "new_file_system" from the master branch
> vice versa) would result an error that a file can't be unlinked. Below
> is the sequence of git commands that I run that cause the problem.
> is the exact sequence of commands that I run:

I've performed some additional experiments and I'm starting to believe
this is probably not an issue with cygwin (it might be a git on Windows
issue).  I installed the latest version of msysgit (1.6.3.msysgit.0) and
found that I was still having the problem described above.

I'm running Windows Vista w/SP1 with UAC enabled.  I found that if I
turn off UAC the problem went away.  Turn UAC on and the problem
re-appears.  I then tried running bash as an admin and that also seems
to resolve the issue.  Finally I modified the properties of the bash
executable to run in Windows XP w/SP2 compatibility mode and that also
seems to resolve this problem even with UAC enabled and running without
admin privileges.  I'll continue to do some more testing but it appears
that I have a reasonable workaround for this issue.

 - Steve -

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