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Re: Cygwin 1.7, Win 2008 and rebase

On 2009-5-14 8:13, Lenik wrote:
On 2009-5-14 5:11, Darren Syzling wrote:
I've just installed cygwin 1.7 for use under Winn 2008 - the latest
version of 1.7 setup released today. I've read the threads on rebase
issues with Vista but so far none of the suggestions help with my
git-svn issue. After installation I ran through:

Rebooted a number of times but whenever I use run git svn:
git svn --version

I receive:

183 [main] perl 3588 C:\cygwin\bin\perl.exe: *** fatal error - unable to
remap C:\cygwin\bin\cygsvn_subr-1-0.dll to same address as
parent(0x6FB30000) != 0x6FE60000
46 [main] perl 3488 fork: child 3588 - died waiting for dll loading,

Any suggestions or have I may be missed some steps with the new version
of rebase?


I have uninstalled Vista and backed to XP, the following script is used
to launch cpan for the same error in Vista. I don't know whether it can
solve git svn's problem. And it's written several months ago for cygwin
1.7.0-35(or earlier), maybe not work for the most latest version.

1) bash session:
find /etc/setup -name '*.lst.gz' | xargs gzip -d -c | grep -E
"\.(dll|so)\$" | sed -e '/cygwin1.dll$/d' -e 's/^/\//' >/tmp/libs
grep lib/perl5 /tmp/libs >/tmp/libs-perl5
grep -v lib/perl5 /tmp/libs >/tmp/libs-nonperl
find /usr/lib/perl5 -iname *.dll >>/tmp/libs-perl5
sort -u /tmp/libs-perl5 >/tmp/libs-p

2) quit bash and start a new cmd.exe session:
rebase -vdb 0x70000000 -o 0x100000 -T /tmp/libs-nonperl
rebase -vdb 0x10000000 -o 0x20000 -T /tmp/libs-p

See also,

Good luck,


and you may try different values for base/offset, using a larger value instead of 0x100000, that's how I resolved the cpan's problem.

Maybe someone will make a better rebaseall utility.

Hope helps.

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