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Re: insert-directory function in Gnu emacs returns nil

Ken Brown-6 wrote:
> I doubt if anyone on the cygwin list is going to be able to help you 
> debug this.
Unless the problem is in fact with the 1.7 root...

I have 1.5 installed as c:/cygwin and 1.7 as c:/cygwin2.
Now running 1.7:

emacs> df /tmp
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
C:/cygwin2            58612732  40769352  17843380  70% /

The insert-dired function seems to invoke ls as follows,
from my "*scratch*" buffer:

(call-process "/usr/bin/ls" nil t "-la" "--" "/tmp")

(call-process "/usr/bin/ls" nil t "-la" "--" "/tmp/foo")
/usr/bin/ls: cannot access /tmp/foo: No such file or directory

(call-process "/usr/bin/ls" nil t "-la" "--" "/cygdrive/c/cygwin/tmp/foo")

So, ls finds something under the 1.5 root, but the 1.7 ones seems empty.

> But you might try a more recent version of emacs to see if 
> you still have the problem.  I've built emacs 23 (still in pre-release 
> testing) for cygwin-1.7, and it works fine for me except for a minor bug 
> that's easy to work around:

Excellent. Of course I wish to try this.
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