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Re: gs--yes, gv--yes, lpr--no Font problems still...

Hugh Myers wrote:

> After getting both gs and gv to find and use the .PFB fonts on my
> system I am now stumped by lpr. I had thought that lpr would use
> ghostscripts font mechanism to resolve font references in a postscript
> file, but apparently not. While both of the other utilities correctly
> find and display the desired font, lpr defaults to some version of
> courier (same thing others did before I found a fix.) Could anyone
> explain this? Don't need much, but do need to be drop-kicked in the
> right direction. Thanks in advance...

lpr uses whatever is the default printer for Windows, if that printer
understands postscript or not, and if the application or driver sends
the fonts or not when needed, is part of the printer configuration.

What usually works with no problem is letting GS control the printing,
that is setting GhostScript as a "port" (with the printer as parameter).

I haven't done this in a long time; very similar to what you do on Unix
to use PS with a plain printer.
René Berber

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