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RE: Selling management on Cygwin

> I expect to be met with plenty of FUD. I honestly don't know what
> kind of concerns & arguments will be raised, but I feel certain they
> will be "garden variety". However, since I'm not a management or IT
> type, nor a Windows expert, nor a Cygwin expert, I am unprepared to
> argue the case.

Presumably they care about keeping the company profitable, argue
cost benefit in terms of whatever your company does. 
I know someone else had to sell me on cygwin at first.
I hadn't had a programming-only job probably since high school
and found myself doing java for media as the mainline task. Basically I didn't
care one way or the other but I eventually figured out
how much more useful it is for things I want to do
and how big a problem graphics can be for information processing,
even when trying to assess and test audio or video you try to reduce
the media to a tractable set of numbers ( distortion for example)
and the big thing with Windoze, as you can tell by the name,
is the UI and graphics. 

I've personally been more worried about government or other
non-profit information providing sites making their information
available in a versatile form ( usually this means text without
a bunch of graphics and something that works well with cygwin )
but a similar audience is involved. You can find some of my arguments
online if they address topics relevant to your needs. The argument
here is compelling public interest which may or may not help you.

I've used cygwin to do custom processing of everything from 
financial and business data to medical literature and DNA sequence
analyses. I'm not sure what alternatives there are within Windoze, 
except maybe the DOS prompt and whatever you can run from that.

> If someone could help, perhaps by briefly explaining what it is
> they're worried about, and why they needn't be, I would greatly
> appreciate it. Alternately, a link to an article would be nice (I
> haven't found any so far).
> In some ways this is more of an issue about open source software in
> general, but I'm sure there will be questions specifically about
> Cygwin and the extent to which it "touches" Windows OS innards. Any
> guidance would be helpful!

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