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Re: 2 questions about fonts

The primary answer is yes. And since my belief is that lpr goes
through ghostscript for Postscript evaluation, things all resolve down
to getting ghostscript to "find" wanted fonts. After a great deal of
trial and error, it came down to a single file: Fontmap.GS. On my
system this is found at /usr/share/ghostscript/8.63/lib-- your mileage
may vary. Modifying this file leads to the desired result: for
instance in order for the /BriemMono line in gs to work, you need an
entry in Fontmap.GS that looks like:

/BriemMono		(/cygdrive/c/windows/fonts/BRIEM___.PFB)	;

Two things to note--- the whitespace you see is comprised of tabs (old
tradition in unix, possible makes no difference, but still...) and the
location of the file (which may be different for you) is couched in
cygwin terms; /cygdrive/c/ etc.

There after font name resolution is no longer a problem.

Actually, since annotation by hand would in my case be a very large
PIA  (190 fonts to add), I wrote a small script that creates output
suitable for concatenation with Fontmap.GS:

# -- create list of fonts for fontmap.GS from commandline
use strict;
use warnings;
use PostScript::Font;

my @files;

for (@ARGV) {
print "\n% -- Additional User Fonts --\n\n";
for (@files) {
    my $info = new PostScript::Font ($_,format => 'pfb');
    print "/",$info->FontName(),"\t\t(",$info->FileName(),")\t;\n";

Given the above, the following command gratifies greatly!

 perl ./ /cygdrive/c/windows/fonts/*.PFB | cat >>

Problem solved, back to work;)

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 3:37 AM, Hugh Myers <> wrote:
> I've a great many postscript fonts installed under Windows XP--- is
> there a way to acquaint cygwin of these?
> How are font names resolved for lpr? For instance in a non cygwin
> situation, I might have a line in a postscript file such as:
> /BriemMono findfont 8 scalefont setfont (typeset these words) show.
> This runs without problems, I'd like to be able to do something
> similar using cygwin (obviously using cygwin installed fonts). I am
> somewhat clueless here, hence these questions. Thanks for any help...
> --hsm

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