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Re: Can't run Bash!

On 2009-05-11, Yarin wrote:
> I'm trying to compile linux binaries on Windows. To do this, I've downloaded
> and installed Cygwin (along with it's GCC packages).
> But upon executing it, I'm confronted with this:
> bash-3.2$ _
> Even though I've ran a linux prompt before, I have [I]not[/I] a clue what to
> do next. It doesn't recognize the command su, and it doesn't begin with x@x:
> like I remember either.
> Could someone please explain to me how to navigate my "programs" (located in
> /bin)?

Since you didn't give any details of how you executed bash, I'm
assuming from the behavior you describe and from the appearance of
your bash prompt that you simply executed "bash" from a Windows
Command Prompt.  You need to instead run bash as a login shell.
That will set up the environment much as logging on to a Linux
system does, including setting your PATH appropriately.  The easiest
way to do that is to double-click the Cygwin icon on your desktop.
Alternatively, from a Windows Command Prompt, you can run
"C:\cygwin\cygwin.bat" or "C:\cygwin\bin\bash --login -i".


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