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Re: Mount of VSS volumes (//?/GLOBALROOT/...) does not work

Jason Pyeron wrote:
Sorry, I ignored the list addresses, I always try to remove peoples' addresses.
(any suggestions for outlok 2003?)


I don't use Outlook so I can't speak for this but I've heard others on
the list mention it.

Hmm, could I get a primmer on where to look to understand
more. I.E.
which sources/functions.


Here is the question I am going with: If the path starts with \\?\ don't
strip the trailing slash, can this be cost effective or only cost more in
that case?

The real question that comes into play this path conversion code is whether or not any additional check/code is cost effective. This code is called constantly so a change that adds to the overhead of this call is going to be magnified many times, which is obviously a negative.

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A: Yes.
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