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Update: rsh/rlogin on Cygwin 1.7/inetutils-1.5-6

So turns out that I'm not a complete luser. The steps I followed (and enumerated in a previous email) actually did work... sort of.

There seems to be some issue(s) with localhost / whatever is providing the loopback network.

rsh hostname / rsh hostname command

both seem to work just fine (assuming the correct entry in .rhosts)

rsh localhost

on my Vista x64 vmware vm works but I cannot craft an rhosts entry to allow me to rlogin without a passwd.
on an XP x64 machine (standalone) I just get "rlogind: Permission denied"

rsh localhost cmd

I get "Host address mismatch for $FDQN" regardless of the platform.

So I think this changes the question from "what are the steps necessary to set up inetutils correctly" to "how do I configure things such that loopback/ works as it does on on a *nix machine?"

On the Vista machine, the Windows ping insists on using the IPv6 localhost address ::1 Cygwin ping does not. Wondering if IPv6 is part of my problem.

Any hints welcome.


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