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Re: Packaging bug (?): icu-3.8-5 / cygport problem

2009/5/9 Reini Urban:
> 2009/5/7 Ken Brown:
>> In I asked for help with
>> an icu problem, but part of my message was a report of what I think is a
>> packaging bug in icu-3.8-5. ?That report should probably have come to this
>> list. ?Here's the short version:
>> $ cygport icu-3.8-5.cygport prep
>> [...]
>> *** ERROR: patch icu-3.8-5.src.patch will not apply
>> Reini, can you fix this or, if it's not a bug, tell me what I'm doing wrong?
>> ?I have cygport-0.9.5-1 and cygwin-1.7.0-46.
> You are right.
> $ cygport icu-3.8-5.cygport prep
>>>> Preparing icu-3.8-5
>>>> Unpacking source icu4c-3_8-src.tgz
> *** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-setBreakType-public.diff:
> patching file common/unicode/rbbi.h
> *** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-regexp-CVE-2007-4770+4771.diff:
> patching file i18n/regexcmp.cpp
> patching file i18n/rematch.cpp
> patching file test/intltest/regextst.h
> patching file test/intltest/regextst.cpp
> patching file common/uvectr32.cpp
> patching file common/uvectr32.h
>>>> Preparing working source directory
> *** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-5.cygwin.patch:
> patching file source/CYGWIN-PATCHES/README
> patching file source/CYGWIN-PATCHES/devel.hint
> patching file source/CYGWIN-PATCHES/doc.hint
> patching file source/CYGWIN-PATCHES/icu.hint
> patching file source/CYGWIN-PATCHES/lib.hint
> *** ERROR: patch icu-3.8-5.src.patch will not apply
> Maybe the portage patches changed. I'll roll an update lASAP

Hi Yaakov,

We have a cygport problem here, for testing see the icu-3.8-5 package
for release-2.

I have a two-level SRC_DIR="icu/source" here,
and the assumed patchlevel is 2, where it should be 3.
2 + the number of / in SRC_DIR.

				if [ "${S}" = "${srcdir}" ]

Reini Urban    

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