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TERM=rxvt-cygwin (X mode) termcap patch

As pointed out by Frédéric Bron, the default /etc/termcap installed by
the termcap package does not contain an entry for the "X"-mode rxvt
(TERM=rxvt-cygwin), while it does contain an entry for the native one
(TERM=rxvt-cygwin-native).  A patch is attached.  The only difference
between TERM=rxvt, rxvt-cygwin, and rxvt-cygwin-native are very slight
issues in the ASCS strings of the three TERMs.


--- termcap.bak	2009-05-06 21:54:09.452900000 -0400
+++ termcap	2009-05-06 21:55:08.299900000 -0400
@@ -239,6 +239,10 @@
+rxvt-cygwin|rxvt terminal emulator (X Window System) on cygwin:\
+	:ac=+\257,\256-^0\333`\004a\261f\370g\361h\260j\331k\277l\332m\300n\305o~p\304q\304r\304s_t\303u\264v\301w\302x\263y\363z\362{\343|\330}\234~\376:\
+	:tc=rxvt:
 #	Reconstructed via infocmp from file: /usr/local/share/terminfo/v/vt100
 vt100|vt100-am|dec vt100 (w/advanced video):\
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