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icu-3.8-5 patches

I'm building a program (in cygwin-1.7) that comes with its own version of the icu library. I'd like to patch the source in the same way that cygwin's icu package does this. But there seems to be a packaging problem with the icu-3.8-5 source, so that I'm not sure exactly which patches should be applied:

$ cygport icu-3.8-5.cygport prep
>>> Preparing icu-3.8-5
>>> Unpacking source icu4c-3_8-src.tgz
*** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-setBreakType-public.diff:
patching file common/unicode/rbbi.h
*** Info: applying patch icu-3.8-regexp-CVE-2007-4770+4771.diff:
patching file i18n/regexcmp.cpp
patching file i18n/rematch.cpp
patching file test/intltest/regextst.h
patching file test/intltest/regextst.cpp
patching file common/uvectr32.cpp
patching file common/uvectr32.h
>>> Preparing working source directory
*** ERROR: patch icu-3.8-5.src.patch will not apply

There is some overlap between the successfully applied patches and those in icu-3.8-5.src.patch, but I don't think either set of patches contains the other. Can someone clarify for me what the actual source patches should be?



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