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Re: WARNING: terminal is not fully functional

> As the default termcap already includes an entry for rxvt-cygwin-native
> as a convenience for cygwin users, it should probably be updated to also
> include an entry for rxvt-cygwin. ÂThe three entries: rxvt, rxvt-cygwin-native, rxvt-cygwin
> differ only in their ACS (line draw) character string, which only works
> if you're using an OEM-recoded, using TERM=rxvt is probably
> good enough for both variants, for most people. Â(I know of only one
> OEM-recoded font: "Lucida ConsoleP")

$ TERM=rxvt man ls
gives the good behaviour.

>> I just have the following in my .Xdefaults:
>> Rxvt*termName: rxvt
>> Looks like it is ignored.
>> So is it a bug?
> Maybe, but maybe not. ÂRxvt looks for the .Xdefault using the following
> construction:
> getenv("HOME") + "/.Xdefaults"
> It does NOT use getpwent() to figure out your home directory from
> /etc/passwd. ÂTherefore, if you start rxvt "fron Windows" (e.g. using a
> shortcut), then Rxvt can find ~/.Xdefaults ONLY if you have set %HOME%
> using the Windows Environment settings tool. ÂMy guess is that on your
> brand new installation, you haven't done this -- so the behavior is
> expected.

I have not defined HOME but I can confirm that rxvt is reading
.Xdefault as I use it to define the window size, colors, font size...
I have tried to add HOME in Windows env. var but it did not change
anything (either with a DOS path or a Cygwin path).

So there is something strange with this TERM thing and rxvt.


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