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Re: Beginner questions, setting up window manager and paths

On 05/05/2009, LM wrote:
Is there a good forum to share tips or patches needed to get applications building and working on Cygwin as opposed to building them on Linux and/or Windows directly?

I don't know of a general forum like this. That's not to say that there isn't something out there. If not, I'd say look at the forums for the packages that interest you. Most likely, others that have used Cygwin to build these packages have communicated with the maintainers directly. There's also the "cygwin" list archives and even the "cygwin-apps" list archives. The former would require some intelligent (or persistent/lucky?) searching. The latter may be closer to what you're looking for though it also contains discussions about "setup.exe". In addition the packages discussed there are limited (by the list's charter) to those that are part of Cygwin. Other discussions are off-topic.

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