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Re: Beginner questions, setting up window manager and paths

Larry Hall wrote:
>1.7 has '/etc/fstab', if you prefer this (and if you don't, you'll
>be stuck with it eventually anyway. ;-) )  See for links to
>the User's Guide documentation for 1.5 and 1.7.

Thanks for the information on 1.7.  Looks like it'll be nice.  Now I'm just wondering if I should try updating to it now or wait until it's officially released.

Am going to build spkg in Cygwin when I have time to do so.  Then the paths should hopefully work like they do in the shell.  Was just using a version I already had up and running on Windows to save time.  It's a nice way to remove all the installed files in a package in case you have to rebuild (like I did) or just want to remove the package.

I'll check the cygwin-xfree list you recommended.  I did come across a port of Fluxbox for Cygwin at Sourceforge:
If I have time, maybe I'll compare the differences between this port and the original source and see if I can use similar fixes on the latest version.  I'm also hoping to try out the cygport version of Openbox and see if that fixes some of the issues I had with the one setup originally downloaded.

Is there a good forum to share tips or patches needed to get applications building and working on Cygwin as opposed to building them on Linux and/or Windows directly?




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