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cygwin-1.7beta -- iu-config -- what is the right way?

My goal is to able to:

rsh localhost


rsh localhost ls

As you all know, this can be made to work just fine on 32-bit Windows variants.

Yes, I know all about ssh. Not an option for various reasons out of my control.

With the cygwin-1.7 beta, I read that progress has been made in making this possible on 64-bit variants. I have been beating my head against the wall long enough that I don't feel foolish asking for help. The platforms I'm interested in are Windows XP x64, Vista x64, and Windows Server 2008 x64.

Here are the steps that I've used:

0.1. Fresh Windows install in a VM with all updates.
0.2. VM Snapshot
0.3. Disable the firewall

1. Install cygwin-1.7 (there is no 1.5)
2. Open cygwin window (as administrator)
3. iu-config

answer the questions, allow the creation of the cyg_server privileged user.

4. Edit the inetd.conf file to uncomment the login and shell lines.

5. cygrunsrv -S inetd

6. Give it a try:

	georgn@gn-vista64-vm ~
	$ rsh localhost
	rlogind: Permission denied.

	georgn@gn-vista64-vm ~
	$ rsh localhost ls
	Host address mismatch for

So these steps fail on all three of my target platforms. In the same way, so clearly the steps are consistently wrong.

I did have something working earlier on an xp x64 machine briefly but after a reboot it reverted to the above behaviour :-(

I have read many emails, web pages about the difficulties mapping UNIX setuid to the Windows (in)security model which have led me to try random things but doing these things in ignorance doesn't seem to be leading anywhere.

So I have to humbly ask, which FM did I forget to read? Or is there some way to debug my way to an answer?


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