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Re: problems using Xlib.h/Xwindows.h/unistd.h and win32api under gcc-4

On May  5 17:28, Chris LeBlanc wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for the description of the problem, and the workaround.  Our
> code is pretty complicated at points, so it might be challenging to be
> sure of the include order, but I'll try.
> The other suggestion I saw from Christopher Faylor was to try Cygwin
> commercial support.  This was actually the first major problem I've
> had with Cygwin, so I haven't had to use it before and didn't even
> think of it.  I'll try contacting them tomorrow, and possibly get a
> fix for the strange looking defines in Xwindows.h, so the order of
> includes shouldn't matter.  Personally, I'd be happy with sleep()
> being defined in unistd.h, and Sleep() defined in Windows.h, and
> keeping the two separate.

AFAICS this is a generic problem with the X11/Xwindows.h file which
should be fixed upstream.  The definition of sleep as Sleep might be
fine for a native X server, but not for the Cygwin X server and should
be guarded with a #ifndef __CYGWIN__.

Yaakov?  Can you take a look into this?


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