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Re: Weird problem when opening MSWORD docs via SSH session to Cygwin

Perry Ng wrote:
Hi Larry,

I was using Pub key authentication.

But i also removed the Pub Key Auth so its prompts me for password to test.

But it still can't seem to find the object :(.

root@test ~> ssh administrator@  cscript "d:/test/80075985.vbs"
administrator@'s password:

Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.6
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1996-2001. All rights reserved.

Error # 5273 - P:\test.doc
Try one or more of the following:
* Check the path to make sure it was typed correctly.
 (P:\test.doc)for the file using this dialog box.

From the machine, i am able to open up P:\test.doc

I'm still a bit lost as to where to go from here.. The file exists, but it just won't open when I SSH to the box to run the vbs script via Cscript.

The VBS loads when i double click on it from the box.. so
i know the VBS file works.

Any help would be appreciated.

This really still sounds allot like <> to me. Can you log in through 'ssh' and see or connect to the share in question (P:)? If not, then read and follow the problem reporting guidelines found here:


We need to see your cygcheck output.

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