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Re: [1.7.0-46] cygcheck and alternatives both exit with status 127

On Mon, May 04, 2009 at 12:34:38PM -0400, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> On Apr 30 13:45, Andrew Schulman wrote:
>> > Cygwin 1.7.0-46.  I try to use alternatives, but every time I do it does nothing
>> > except to exit with status 127.
>> > 
>> > So I started to file a bug report, and ran cygcheck -svr.  To my surprise,
>> > cygcheck also exits part of the way through with status 127.  It does give some
>> > output first-- attached here.
>> > 
>> > I reverted to Cygwin 1.7.0-45, and alternatives now works, but cygcheck still
>> > stops at the same place, with exit status 127.
>> I can reproduce this with cygcheck 1.113 from 1.7.0-45 which stumbles
>> over the new UTF-16 style symlinks, but that has been fixed in cygcheck
>> before -46 has been released and, consequentially, I can not reproduce
>> it with that version of cygcheck (1.114) anymore.
>OK.  Unfortunately my installation is totally borked ATM with a 1.5 vs. 1.7
>conflict, so I can't even tell you which package versions I have installed
>in 1.7.  So that may actually be the problem-- my cygcheck and/or cygwin
>versions may be out of date.
>So I guess let's put this report on ice for now, until or unless I can
>reproduce it in a sane installation.

I can't think of why it would be possible to have this type of problem even
with a borked installation but I guess if no one else is seeing this we
don't have to worry too much.


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