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Re: rsync hanging

> When debugging, it's usually better to start at a high level
> rather than jumping into the guts of things, unless you could
> tell us all the high- and middle-level stuff you've tried already.
> See for info on what kind of info you
> should supply to get you good help.  Starting with 'cygcheck -svr' output
> **as an attachment** on your next email.  If your rsync is using ssh
> (I don't know if that's assumed or not) then does ssh work between the
> machines you're rsync'ing between?

sorry, I forgot that part - it was just a straight "rsync -avx /localdir

would send cygcheck but don't have access to that computer now (only
on weekend) -  reboot so far is only way i can clear it up (a cygwin
restart doesn't)

> 'netstat -ano' will add a column to that output showing the Windows pid
> of the process associated with each connection.  Use that and Cygwin's
> 'ps -a' to figure out which Cygwin process is involved, if any.

ah, was looking for "fuser" to do that and couldn't find it!

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