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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: {rxvt-unicode-X/rxvt-unicode-common}-7.7-20

rxvt-unicode is clone of the familiar rxvt terminal emulator,
that partially supports unicode, with a lot of caveats. So
why bother?

(1) bugfixes. Upstream development of rxvt is dead. cygwin's
    rxvt is moribund. rxvt-unicode is actively maintained.

(2) For cygwin-1.7, rxvt-unicode should be able to ACTUALLY
    support unicode. Stay tuned for the rxvt-unicode-X-8.x
    series for cygwin-1.7.

(3) Pretty. xft support. Styled text[*]. Looks cool with
    inheritPixmap and xsri. (xft with antialias is a bit slower,
    but not too bad on a fast machine, and you can go back to
    non-antialias or plain old bitmap fonts if you're desperate).

(4) Lightweight. Has an optional client-server mode where all
    client windows are part of the same process. Yes, it does
    present a single-point-of-failure (but so does xwin!) -- but
    I haven't had a problem yet.

(5) no need for run.exe: the standalone urxvt-X and the server
    urxvtd-X will hide their console window themselves (using code
    borrowed from inetutils).  You still get a quickly dis-
    appearing cmd box, which could be avoided by using run.exe,

This is a bug fix and feature enhancement release.

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 ]]

This is the first release specific for cygwin-1.7; there are only
minor differences between this package and the simultaneously-released
rxvt-unicode-X-7.7-7 for cygwin-1.5. These differences are mostly
documentation related (the README references cygport-0.9.5 and
cygwin-1.7.0-46, and the /usr/share/doc/ layout is influenced by the
cygport changes between 0.4.x and 0.9.x).  One other difference is
that cygwin-1.7's coreutils are slightly more strict with regards to
.exe suffixes, so the internal build process is modified slightly to
accomodate that.

NOTE: Even though cygwin-1.7 now supports unicode, this version
  of rxvt-unicode-X still uses the hacked-in utf8 support
  provided via patches from Thomas Wolff and does NOT use
  the new unicode support provided by cygwin-1.7. That will
  come with the (future) rxvt-unicode-8.x releases.

CHANGES (from rxvt-unicode-X-7.7-6)
o Fork for cygwin-1.7 development
o Build system fixes to accomodate changes in coreutils
  for cygwin-1.7 (mostly, be more careful about .exe suffixes)
o Fix bug(s) in postinstall/preremove scripts
o Update setup.hint
o Recompile against latest (modular) X libraries
o Update postinstall/preremove scripts
o Update to build with stock cygport
o Use cygutils to create Start Menu shortcuts for 
    urxvtc-X (client)
    urxvt-X  (standalone)
  There is no shortcut for the daemon urxvtd-X; you're
  better off adding that to your X server startup script.

tput sitm ; tput bold ;  echo 'hello, world!' ; tput sgr0

tput sitm ; echo 'hello, world!' ; tput ritm

tput bold ; echo 'hello, world!' ; tput sgr0

Fun prompt:
     ITb=`tput sitm`
     BDb=`tput bold`
     NRM=`tput sgr0`
PS1="\[\e]0;\w\a\]\n$ITb$BDb$GRN\u$NRM@$GRN\h $ITb$YLW\w$NRM\n\$ "
GreenBoldItalicUserName Def@ GreenNormalMachineName YellowItalicPath

Charles Wilson
volunteer rxvt-unicode-X maintainer for cygwin


To update your installation, click on the "Install Cygwin now" link
on the web page.  This downloads setup.exe to
your system.  Then, run setup and answer all of the questions.


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