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Re: rsync hanging

Dat Head writes:
> rsync keeps hanging on me - never gets off the ground (doesn't print
> the ("creating file list" message) - strace shows it hangs here:
When debugging, it's usually better to start at a high level rather than jumping
into the guts of things, unless you could tell us all the high- and middle-level
stuff you've tried already.  See for info on
what kind of info you should supply to get you good help.  Starting with
'cygcheck -svr' output **as an attachment** on your next email.  If your rsync
is using ssh (I don't know if that's assumed or not) then does ssh work between
the machines you're rsync'ing between?

> netstat -an is showing a lot of these after several ctrl-c aborts
> of these hung rsyncs - not sure if that is where they came from or not:

'netstat -ano' will add a column to that output showing the Windows pid of the
process associated with each connection.  Use that and Cygwin's 'ps -a' to
figure out which Cygwin process is involved, if any.

I realize this is all pretty generic help.  If you can supply more details
perhaps somebody can help better.


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