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Re: cygwin path issue

On 2009-05-03 13:14Z, Maverick_gamer wrote:
> Hey
> i am using cygwin for compiling one of my project on windows machine..
> the makefile set the compiler but did not define any path..
> path to the compiler position is added in the PATH variable. now when
> running make it shows the error:
> ....
> c:\usr\local\sce\gcc\bin\g++: No such file or directory.
> ....
> But the file is there at this path.
> What i get from my research that when reading the above path, it reads it as
> a unix path and thus not read the "\".
> .
> I am not getting how to define the PATH so that it will pick the compiler
> file.

You could use 'cygpath', or just rewrite it yourself:

But why not just use Cygwin's own g++? If you've installed it
(using 'setup.exe), then it's already on $PATH. And even if
you haven't installed it, you might accidentally use a library
provided with Cygwin that would clash with your other compiler.
Besides, a non-Cygwin compiler won't understand Cygwin paths.

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