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Re: ps -ef difference linux/cygwin (arguments)

From: Christopher Faylor <>
Date: Fri, May 01, 2009 at 02:11:23PM -0400
> Languishing aside, however, if someone is willing to provide a patch to
> provide a new option and new functionality, it will be given the same
> attention that we always give to patches.

something like this?

If not, where can I find the link to the mailing list archive that
points out where the actual man-page for ps is kept?
I downloaded 86 megabytes of source as per the FAQ, and found only
9 man-pages, and no ps.[0-9] amongst them.

---       2008-09-13 00:43:10.000000000 +0200
+++ ps.cc_new   2009-05-01 21:24:23.000000000 +0200
@@ -220,7 +220,8 @@
  -u, --user      list processes owned by UID\n\
  -v, --version   output version information and exit\n\
  -W, --windows   show windows as well as cygwin processes\n\
-With no options, %s outputs the long format by default\n",
+With no options, %s outputs the long format by default\n\
+To see commandline arguments, use the procps package\n",
           prog_name, prog_name);
   exit (status);


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