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Re: ps -ef difference linux/cygwin (arguments)

From: Mark J. Reed <>
Date: Wed, Apr 29, 2009 at 11:31:13AM -0400
> This has come up before; an archive search might save some repetition.

Yes, sorry about that. I can understand that the output of ps is used in
scripts. I find it harder to understand that adding a new flag to ps
would also break those scripts, but what I'd love most and suspect would
keep this question from popping up and getting everybody excited now and
again would be a small line in the ps man page. That is where I look for
information on a command when using an unix-like environment, after all.

Something like

ps doesn't display commandline arguments in cygwin for historical
reasons. Use the procps package as an alternative.

would be enough, IMVHO.

> So instead, the procps(1) command is provided as an alternative for
> users who want a Linuxlike ps command on Cygwin.

Thanks, that is good to know, but I would like to have found that out
without using the mailinglist archives. It so happens the environment
I've installed cygwin in has no direct internet access.

Kind regards,
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