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Re: rsyncd cannot access volume shadow copy

Matthias Meyer wrote:

> Matthias Meyer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I run cygwin in Vista:
>> I can create a volume shadow copy with vshadow from the Microsoft SDK as
>> well as map it to drive B:.
>> I can access /cygdrive/b (bash) as well as B: (cmd) from terminals of the
>> same user which has mapped the shadow copy to the drive.
>> But I can not access the shadow copy from terminals of other users.
>> AND my rsyncd, which runs under the same user where the shadow copy was
>> mapped, can't access /cygdrive/b.
>> rsync: chdir /cygdrive/b failed
>> Any hint?
>> Thanks
>> Matthias
> I try the same under Windows XP and it works. But only one time.
> I map the drive with "dosdev b: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device...
> rsyncd works but has locked files
> 2009/02/18 19:54:05 [2112] rsync: send_files failed to open "Dokumente und
> Einstellungen/Administrator/Lokale
> Einstellungen/Anwendungsdaten/Microsoft/Windows/UsrClass.dat" (in B):
> Device or resource busy (16)
> After dosdev -r -d b: and again dosdev b: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device...
> I get from rsyncd:
> 2009/02/18 20:03:19 [2580] name lookup failed for Unknown
> server error
> 2009/02/18 20:03:19 [2580] connect from UNKNOWN (
> 2009/02/18 20:03:19 [2580] rsync: chdir /cygdrive/b failed
> : No such file or directory (2)
> In both cases ls -alh /cygdrive/b will list the content of drive c: (which
> is as expected)
> :-O
> Matthias

dosdev as well as rsyncd must be run in the same user account.
In addition rsyncd should not be startet by cygrunsrv. Also if cygrunsrv
starts rsyncd as the same user as dosdev runs, windows apparently sees
differences between them.
vshadow, on the other hand, can (and must) be started through schtasks in
the user account SYSTEM.

I've didn't try to start rsyncd by schtasks. Maybee that works too.

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