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Re: howto obtain the used space of "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"

Matthias Meyer wrote:
> Hi,
> I backup Windows XP as well as Windows Vista by using rsyncd.
> Thats working fine.
> But I have a difference between the used space in source and destination.
> Some of this differences are justified in my exclusions of pagefile.sys and
> hiberfile.sys.
> Another part, I am sure, by "System Volume Information".
> How to obtain the used space of "/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information"?
> du returns:
> du: cannot read directory `/cygdrive/c/System Volume Information':
> Permission denied

  I very seriously recommend never going anywhere near that directory nor
touching it in any way.

  Still here?  OK, if you absolutely have to know, the simplest way is to give
yourself read access through the security tab in the explorer properties (may
need to take ownership to do that).  Then clear the properties dialog and
bring it up again; this time, explorer will be able to size the folder.
Immediately delete the access perms you gave yourself and pray you didn't
break anything critical.


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