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[ANNOUNCEMENT] [1.7] Updated: cvs-1.12.13-10

CVS is the 'Concurrent Versioning System', a widely-used package
for maintianing revision histories of source code.  This port is
based on the official cvs-1.12.13 'feature' release, as modified
by debian lenny (version 1:1.12.13-12, 03 Sep 2008).

[[ compiled using gcc-3.4.4-999 ]]

This release is specific for cygwin-1.7. There are a few minor
differences the between this package and the simultaneously-
released cvs-1.12.13-1 for cygwin-1.5, other than the typical
documentation-related ones.  Significantly, this version of
cvs supports IPv6, and exploits several new system functions
available in the new cygwin DLL.

CHANGES (from cvs-1.11.22-1)
* Fork for cygwin-1.7 development
  - uses *at functions (fstatat, fchmodat, mkdirat, openat, etc)
  - supports IPv6
* updated to 'Feature Branch' 1.12.x which adds a number of
  new features and bugfixes. See /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/cvs-*/NEWS
* updated to Debian patchset 1.12.13-12
* updated to latest gnulib (2009-04-25, rev.
* updated to latest autoconf (2.63), automake (1.10.1),
  and gettext (0.17).
* dropped (unused) cygwin-specific "gdbm" patches
  (cygwin cvs has been using flat-file, not gdbm, databases
  since 2006.  There is no longer any need to maintain these
  patches, and because they have never had a future "upstream"
  I've decided to abandon them.)

"local" tests
Fails 2 tests of 175, but 1.11.22-1 failed them too.
   (1) rcslib   (still has issues with very long symlinks)
   (1) abspath  (long-standing issue)
However, in "local" mode cvs now passes 2 additional tests
that version 1.11.22-1 failed:

"remote" tests (exercised via an ssh loopback connection):
Fails 11 of 175 tests, but none of the failures are significant.
   (1) rcslib                    : same as local case (not a regression)
   (2) parseroot                 : warning msg preceeding info msg missing
   (2) edit-check                : error message has different format
   (2) writeproxy-noredirect     : not really sure what's going on here
   (2) writeproxy-ssh-noredirect : ditto
   (3) status                    : timestamps over ssh
   (3) conflicts                 : ditto
   (1) lockfiles *1.7-specific*  : [*]
   (3) binfiles                  : remote cvs can't track 'C'onflicts with binfiles
   (3) config                    : checkedout file missing group +w permission
   (3) stamps                    : ditto
[*] I believe this is due to cygwin-1.7's "move to hidden folder
    try to (re)delete later" functionality, but that's just a guess.
    Almost all of the rest of locking functionality works ok. However,
    technically this is not a regression, as 1.11.22-1 failed this
    test. OTOH, this version of cvs compiled under cygwin-1.5 PASSES
    this test.

However, in "remote" mode cvs now passes 6 additional tests
that version 1.11.22-1 failed:

(1) not a regression, as 1.11.22-1 exhibited the same behavior
(2) new tests, so not a regression
(3) regreesions. However, the shortcomings seem to be insignificant.

Charles Wilson
volunteer cvs maintainer for cygwin


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