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g++-4 no output---resolved, but why?

I've been using gcc3 for some time, and decided to move to gcc4. ?I
did not remove gcc3. ?I tried running a configure script for a
personal project, specifying CXX=g++-4. ?The script failed, because
g++-4 didn't produce an executable when presented with conftest.cpp.
It also didn't bother with an error message. ?I tried my own simple
cpp file, and I tried invoking i686-pc-cygwin-g++-4.exe instead of
g++-4, but I couldn't get it to produce an executable, or an error
message.  It also wouldn't produce an object file with -c.

I went to my other machine, which is much newer and faster than the
problem machine, thinking that I could figure out the problem that
much faster. ?I installed gcc4 just as I did on the problem machine,
and tried to compile a simple cpp file. ?It worked! ?For the most
part, the installations on these two machines are the same, so I was
baffled. ?One difference is that I run distccd on the newer machine
and use distcc on the problem machine. ?So I reinstalled distcc on the
problem machine. ?I again invoked i686-pc-cygwin-g++-4.exe to compile
the simple cpp file, and it worked! ?My configure script now works,
and _most_ of my project compiles.

So I wonder, what might've been the problem, and why would
reinstalling distcc fix it?

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