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Re: sed converts 8-bit input text to 16-bit (Unicode-16?) characters - how to suppress that?

Michael Moser wrote:
-----Original Message-----

Ooops - apologies! Thought I routinely did so, but must have
it this time.
FYI, you did it above too. None of the above information belongs in the body of your message.

What - you get someone's email addresses there? Very odd: I swear I only see the mailing list as the one and only address in the To: field (and no address in my Cc and Bcc fields) and I also left no email address in those echoed headers. The only address I left in was in "", which IMHO - if some harvester has made it into this newsgroup - he already knows anyway...

Take a look at <> and it should be clear what Chris is talking about. There's really no need to post any headers at all, regardless of how commonplace you think the information would be. They really provide no additional information and can be used for purposes you don't intend. Besides being good netiquette, this lists appreciates tidy messages as well. :-)

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A: Yes.
> Q: Are you sure?
>> A: Because it reverses the logical flow of conversation.
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