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Re: Duplicate mintty window (was: Re: MinTTY 0.3.3)

On Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 10:35:26PM +0000, Andy Koppe wrote:
> bjoe wrote:
> >> > What I found missing in Mintty is putty feature to start duplicate
> >> > session (more welcome with hot-keys)
> >>
> >> Since MinTTY doesn't have sessions like Putty, I didn't think there
> >> was much point in keeping this.
> >
> > It's because you remove networking function from putty, right. IMHO
> > this feature will help many user (especially who come from Windows
> > word)
> MinTTY is meant to be a small and simple command line window for
> Cygwin with a native UI, no more, no less. It's the classic Unix
> philosophy: do one job, and do it well. Cygwin already has all the
> necessary network tools in ssh, telnet & co., and they can easily be
> combined with mintty, so there was no point in keeping all that
> security-critical code.
> > I don't know the relationship between networking function in Putty with
> > duplicate session feature in code point of view, but since this based
> > on putty code I hope this will not give some sort of difficulty to
> > adopt this feature in mintty.
> It's fairly easy to do actually. Instead of a session it would simply
> invoke mintty again with the same command line, for much the same
> effect. 

Thats all I want, forgive me to confused this with session thing,
just invoking duplicate command line.

> The concern was about unnecessary features: no point
> cluttering up the interface with stuff that can already be done with
> system-wide facilities.
> >> Desktop and quickstart shortcuts already provide quick ways to open a
> >> new MinTTY window, and as discussed on a separate thread here you can
> >> assign hotkeys to Windows shortcuts.
> >
> > I run Cygwin from portable media in different PC so Desktop and
> > quickstart shortcut not an options in My case.
> Alright, I give in on this one. You could probably use AutoHotkey or
> something like that, but I guess including this in MinTTY really is
> quite a bit more convenient, also in comparison with shortcuts.
> I'll stick a Duplicate command in the window menu, with disablable
> shortcut Alt+F2. Reopened issue 11:
> Andy
It is easy to say no when
          there is a deeper yes burning within

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