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Re: coreutils: install transparent_exe issues?

On Mar 29 23:32, Yaakov S wrote:
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> Eric,
> With cygwin-1.7.0-44 and coreutils-7.0-2, install(1) no longer appends
> '.exe' to the destination filename.  STC:
> ### in a clean directory
> $ echo -e '#include <stdio.h>\nint main(void) { printf("Hello
> World!\\n"); }' > hello.c
> $ echo 'all: hello' > Makefile
> $ make
> cc     hello.c   -o hello
> $ mkdir -p d1
> $ install hello d1
> $ find . -type f
> ./d1/hello
> ./hello.c
> ./hello.exe
> ./Makefile
> This breaks non-autotoolized makefiles which don't account for EXEEXT.
> Interestingly, though, strip(1) will still add an .exe:
> $ strip d1/hello
> $ find d1 -type f
> d1/hello.exe

And if you call `install -s hello d1' you'll get a .exe suffix as well.
The problem is that the .exe suffix is added based on a heuristic in
the rename(2) system call.  When strip strips the file it creates a
temporary file and renames it to the original filename afterwards.
This rename operation adds the exe suffix, seeing the original file
is an excutable.

Install OTOH just creates a file "d1/hello" and copies over the content.
There's no heuristic figuring out that the data is a valid executable
header and then renaming it on the fly.  Thus, install as well as cp
still need their own `attach .exe suffix' code.


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