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Re: Keybindings in rxvt running tcsh get overwritten during startup

On Mar 29 00:21, Ishmael wrote:
> I'm afraid I'm having some trouble getting my keybindings to work under tcsh
> running under rxvt.  When I run them from the command line, they work fine, but
> when I put them in one of my dot files, which get sourced during startup, they
> don't work.  Here's what I've got in a file I created (called .tcshkeybindings)
> that I source from my .tcshrc file:
> echo "Running .tcshkeybindings"
> bindkey "^[[B" "history-search-forward"
> bindkey "^[[A" "history-search-backward"
> This allows me to auto-complete a previously entered command by typing a few
> characters, then hitting the up-arrow - very convenient.
> If I type 'source .tcshkeybindings' at the command line, everything also works
> A-OK.  During startup though, somewhere along the way, the keybindings get reset
> to their original values (e.g. "^[[A" -> up-history).
> Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks a lot!

set -x?  I have my own keybindings in .cshrc as well and it works fine.
Perhaps you have something in .login which overwrites the bindings


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