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[Avail for test] inetutils-1.5-6

[same version, for both cygwin-1.5 and cygwin-1.7]

This version requires the test: version of csih (0.1.9-2). The iu-config
script of this package uses some of the new features of that csih
package, to support "unattended" installation. See below.

This package also includes the fix for the problem with ftpd in Active
Mode, reported by Curt Gran here:

Other package notes:
There is only one version of this package. I didn't "fork" and build a
separate version for cygwin-1.7.  That may come later, but first I
wanted to ensure that csih-0.1.9 is ready to go, and that the cygwin-1.5
package(s) for csih and inetutils are as good as they are going to get.

In the future, I will be "forking" a cygwin-1.7-specific version of
inetutils.  That version will be based on the recently-released
inetutils-1.6 upstream source, but cygwin-1.5 will remain with
inetutils-1.5 indefinitely.  Depending on demand, assistance, and
difficulty, the cygwin-1.7/inetutils-1.6 package may also see IPv6
support...However, it is unlikely that these things -- even the initial
"fork" -- will occur before the official launch of cygwin-1.7.  So, THIS
package or a near successor is likely to be THE inetutils package for
cygwin-1.7's release.

Known issues:
It was reported here:
that there are some issues using (cygwin) telnet client in a DOS box
with TERM=cygwin, when communicating with a (cygwin) telnetd, having to
do with extra spaces between characters, backspace doesn't work, etc.

I have confirmed these issues, and the problem seems to be in (cygwin)
telnetd and not cygwin's telnet client. But that's as far as I have
gotten.  It works fine if the telnet client is running in an rxvt,
xtern, or MinTTY terminal.

"Unattended" installation:
People seem to want this, so it's supported -- but I think it's a bad
idea to type your privileged user's passwd on the command line where it
gets saved in /proc/ and ~/.bash_history,'s how to do an
unattended setup of inetd:

as Administrator, do

iu-config -y -w passwd_of_cygserver_account


iu-config -y --service-account some_account -w passwd_of_some_account

That gets inetd installed and ready to run; you shouldn't need to answer
any additional questions during the configuration process.  On next boot
inetd will start automatically (or you can manually start it with
'cygrunsrv -S inetd').

However..."unattended" only goes so far.  You still have to edit
/etc/inetd.conf to activate the services you want:

$ chown Administrator /etc/inetd.conf
$ <edit inetd.conf>
$ chown cyg_server /etc/inetd.conf

AND you need to modify /etc/hosts.allow to allow telnetd connections,
AND you need to modify your Windows Firewall (or ZA, or whatever) to
allow inbound connections on the appropriate port for whatever services
you're turning on...see /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/inetutils*.README.

...and no, I will not change the package to have "telnetd" or "ftpd" be
ON by default.


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