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Re: Upgrade woes ("file in use")

Nuzhna Pomoshch wrote:
> --- On Sat, 3/14/09, Dave Korn wrote:
>> Nuzhna, you didn't mention what the two other apps are,
>> but VPN software has been known to cause problems in the
>> past.  What is the other stuff you have installed?
> The only two apps on the machine are Bloomberg and Redi.

  Unfortunately highly specialised applications that I don't suppose many of
us here have any experience of.  But we have seen the occasional user from in here, so maybe someone will be able to confirm that it
works OK for them alongside Cygwin.

>> Also, please grab a set of cygcheck output by running
>> "cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out" and send it (the
>> cygcheck.out file) - as an attachment, specifically,
>> please, not inline in your body text - with your next
>> post.
> I have absolutely no shell access now, and I can not find
> any cygcheck anywhere (setup must have uninstalled it
> during past attempts to reinstall packages).

  Ok, look, there's still one simple thing we can do to try and find out
what's causing the problem:

> I keep re-running setup over and over again, and it keeps
> telling me about files in use (/etc/postinstall/ -
> I can't even find a file with that name, as that directory
> only contains files with a ".done" extension).

  As suggested by Tim upthread, install Sysinternals' "Process Explorer"
utility from this site,

and re-run setup.exe while you have Process Explorer open.  Let setup get as
far as the point where the "File in use" requester pops up, and immediately
(i.e. without clicking either choice on the requester) switch to Process
Explorer and do a search (Ctrl+F) for the name "" - this does a
substring match, so it'll find any process that has a handle on either
"" or "".  If any process shows up, we'll know that it's
causing a problem; if no processes show up, we'll figure there has to be a bug
in setup.exe and try and fix it.  (The bug could just be "it reports the wrong
error condition, it's not actually in use, it should have said access denied",
for example; maybe setup.exe is making a wrong assumption).


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