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[Avail for test] csih-0.1.9-1

(Same version, for both cygwin-1.5 and 1.7)

This release hopefully addresses several long-standing issues with csih:

* correct csih_check_access behavior
* suppress errors in _csih_setup
* No longer restrict contents of CYGWIN variable (Corinna Vinschen)
* New -f option for csih_select_privileged_username to accomodate
  unattended installs (Julio Costa). This requires foo-config to
  use the -f option when appropriate (typically, when one of
  foo-config's own commandline options was '-y' or '-n').
* New '-u default_user' for csih_select_privileged_username for
  another way to accomodate unattended installs. Allows caller
  to specify explicitly the account to use for the service, thus
  bypassing the 'Do you want to use another name?' prompt. Requires
  foo-config to pass that option when calling
  csih_select_privileged_username, perhaps as the result of a
  new option of its own:
     --service-account ARG
* Now warn user when an account is specified in /etc/passwd,
  but is not found in the SAM. This is ok if the account is
  a domain account, but the user should be aware of the issue.
  Herb Maeder
* Updated winProductName to reflect Windows 7, Server 2008 R2
* csih has new functions related to detecting Windows 7 and
  Server 2008 R2.
* correct setup.hint dependencies (Karl Herrick)

However, this version has only been lightly tested, so please fold,
spindle, and mutilate it.  My medium-range plans for csih are:

1) after getting this version stabilized (after perhaps a 0.1.10 or even
0.1.11 release), I will branch the cvs for a maintainance cygwin-1.5
version (which will see very few modifications in the future), and the
ongoing cygwin-1.7 version.

2) Call the cygwin-1.5 version 0.2.x, release it, and hopefully let it
rot. <g>

3) Call the cygwin-1.7 version 0.5.x, and begin refactoring the code.
Right now, csih is WAY to complex, tries to be WAY too smart, and
usually fails. There are two main things I'd like to do:

a) rip out all support for pre-NT systems. There's a lot of cruft that
the cygwin-1.7-only, 0.5.x branch doesn't need.

b) I'd like to turn csih into a toolbox, where it has just a few
well-understood interfaces that can be called by the foo-config scripts.
Right now, csih has too many interfaces, with obscure interactions and
requirements (call X before Y, unless Z...). Blech.

However, changing that will require also changes to the foo-config
scripts. Don't worry, I won't spring anything unilaterally.  I'll also
try to provide patches for each of the packages that use csih to adapt
to each (iterative) change that I make to csih -- but naturally the
releases of the modified csih and the new client packages will have to
be synchronized.  However, there's no rush on this part so no need for
any maintainers to panic. <g>


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