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Re: response to opengl email exchange with Reini Urban

Dear André Bleau,

First thing: don't write directly to me.
it won't happen again. It's just that I found this discussion on so many different boards that I didn't know who to email anymore.

That was clealy stated in the announcement for the package:

like I said, I thought I only updated gcc-4, so there was no reason for me to look for any announcements.

And what is that AT_EXIT_HACK thing about?
Again, read he announcement:
A bug introduced in opengl-1.1.0-6 was corrected in glut.h. The bug caused the
program to continue to run in the background if its window was closed by using
the close (X) icon in the title bar. If you prefer to keep that behavior, you must recompile with -DGLUT_DISABLE_ATEXIT_HACK .

It's no doubt a great hack, it's just ugly to see those warnings come by everytime I compile something.

I`m currently working with the Freeglut developpers to provide Freeglut as
a replacement for non-X11 GLUT as a new Cygwin package. There are still issues to
settle and the no dateline for a release yet.

Yeah I know. I've tried to compile it myself and couldn't resolve the issues either to get a working version under windows using MinGW or cygwin. It would be great to have freeglut working so we can forget about nasty hacks and symbolic links altogether.

Keep up the good work and thanks again for your help.

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